Mission Statement

CWEN/RFE was founded in 1990 to address the networking needs of women economists and to promote the advancement of women in the economics profession.

As a network of economists, the objectives of CWEN/RFEs are:

  1. To create an opportunity for women economists to meet and discuss issues of common interest at the Canadian Economics Association meetings.
  2. To ensure appropriate representation of women economists and their interests in professional activities and forums.
  3. To improve employment opportunities for Canadian women economists.

For our constitution and bylaws, follow the link on the sidebar.

A list of the regular activities we offer to our members and beyond, visit the ongoing activities page.

Executive 2016-2017:

President: Christine Neill
Past President: Anke Kessler
President Elect: Elizabeth Dhuey
Vice President:
Secretary/Treasurer: Courtney Ward
Communications/Webpage: Francesca Rondina
Members at Large:
Elisabeth Gugl
Miana Plesca

You can find a list of past CWEN/RFE presidents here.